America First is the bold and successful approach to government by the Trump Administration that put the interests of the American people ahead of the establishment. It empowered Americans, served as a voice for the people, and helped revive the American dream. America First made our country a better place by bolstering our economy, establishing energy independence, and securing the U.S. homeland. This book discusses a crucial component of the America First approach to governing – America First policies to protect our nation’s security.

The book’s expert authors explain how this approach succeeded in the last administration and the urgency to restore it to counter growing threats to American security and freedom while also keeping our troops out of new and unnecessary wars.


Book author and Editor Fred Fleitz joined Newt Gingrich on his podcast to discuss “An America First Approach to U.S. National Security”. Fleitz argues that the United States needs a decisive and competent commander-in-chief who will use military force prudently to defend national interests and avoid unnecessary wars.


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“Written by top policy experts, led by Fred Fleitz and General Keith Kellogg, An America First Approach to U.S. National Security is a must-read for the public, media, and experts. This work strategically covers the vital areas of an “America First but not Alone” platform: Restructuring of a stronger US military, an impenetrable Homeland Security, a defensible border, an end to wars through confronting threats, standing with allies, and defeating menacing enemies, as well as flourishing trade, securing independent energy, and a loyal national security apparatus. 

— Dr. Walid Phares, foreign policy expert and professor. Author of 12 books in English, Arabic and French on the Middle East and international terrorism. 

In this era of great power competition and proliferating challenges to U.S. national security interests, Fred Fleitz and General Keith Kellogg ably elucidate why the America First doctrine is an ideal foundation for an adroit American national security strategy. Far from being isolationist, this strategy is one of vigorous US global engagement, utilizing all tools of American statecraft and featuring both unilateral US actions as well as cooperative ventures with our allies and other countries. The authors, with experts, also cogently explain why a viable American foreign policy requires strong domestic power essentials—vibrant economy, secure borders, disciplined decision-making, energy independence and technological leadership.

— Ambassador Paula J. Dobriansky, former Under Secretary of State for Global Affairs and member of the Defense Policy Board

“America is in one of the most perilous moments in its history:  The New Axis of Evil of China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea are threatening and harming key national interests of the United States.  This very important book contains strategic advice from some of our sharpest national security minds.  The authors outline an America First strategy to deter and, if necessary, defeat our adversaries by using all the tools of statecraft: economic, military, diplomatic, and the powerful ideas of freedom.  Their clear and bold policy suggestions build on the successes of first Trump administration and are the winning strategy we need today to safeguard the freedom, security, and prosperity of the American people.”

— Dan Negrea, former State Department Special Representative for Commercial and Business Affairs and co-author of “We Win They Lose. Republican Foreign Policy and the New Cold War.”

For the first time since the Reagan era, U.S. foreign policy is being reimagined to define the American interest and apply it to the challenges of the 21st century. AFPI’s work sets the stage for a Trump Doctrine 2.0, one that could guide decades of U.S. decision making and engagement.

John Solomon, award-winning investigative journalist and founder of Just the News

A serious strategic look at American national security, now and in the future. Doesn’t shy away from identifying the infiltration of cultural Marxism and woke ideology as fundamental threats to our country that the next president must root out from every post and program in the United States government.

J. Michael Waller, Senior Analyst for Strategy, Center for Security Policy; and author, Big Intel: How the CIA and FBI Went from Cold War Heroes to Deep State Villains (2024)

Sir Winston Churchill said, ‘You can always trust the Americans to do the right thing; after they have tried everything else.”  Perhaps the “everything else” phase is almost behind us as Americans wake up and recognize attempts to replace a Constitutional Republic with a Global elitist Neo-Marxist view of a single collective versus anyone who dares to dream of liberty.  Fred Fleitz and the AFPI have pulled together a collection of essays that would have been admired by the founders who debated and penned the Federalist Papers. “A republic is you can keep it” said Benjamin Franklin. “An America First Approach to National Security” argues for heeding dear Ben’s call.  Well done!

Brigadier General (ret) Blaine D. Holt, USAF. Co-founder, Restore Liberty

An America First Approach to US National Security shows how this country can both exercise our vital position as the preeminent nation leading the free world and avoid falling into the trap of forever wars that do not advance our strategic interests. The most effective use of U.S. national power is deterrence. We must present a powerful blend of military force, diplomatic influence, and economic incentives so allies and enemies alike know their choices can benefit them or cost them dearly. This book and the work of AFPI show how we have done this in the past and can do so again.”

— Jim Hanson, President, WorldStrat.  Chief Editor, Middle East Forum

“This is a must read. It gives important insights and recommendations from many accomplished experts who served under President Trump. They explain what it takes to put America’s interests first, and what will be needed to restore US credibility after four years of disastrous policy under Joe Biden.”

— Marshall Billingslea, President Trump’s former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury and Special Presidential Envoy for Arms Control.

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